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Management attributes can be innate or acquired. While innate attributes are acquired by start, obtained characteristics are produced by education programmes and socialisation system. Physical and personality traits are by and significant innate as heredity affects these aspects to a substantial extent.

Capabilities and qualities, social aspects, psychological stability, interpersonal techniques to deal with people, technological techniques to take care of the functions, motivating abilities to drive people to action are the acquired expertise. Based on the qualities of leaders, trait theories determine and look at the:1. Traits of leaders with all those of non-leaders (followers). 2. Qualities of successful leaders with all those of ineffective leaders. 1.

As regards to start with element of trait concept, i. e. figuring out characteristics of leaders and non-leaders, it is generally believed that leaders are born, not built. It is primarily based on researches carried out by psychologists and other folks who identified individual qualities of persons with leadership. It asserts that persons with selected actual physical and psychological attributes can turn into great leaders.

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While no specific listing of characteristics can be discovered with leaders, different theories present perceptions about what characteristics are possessed by leaders. Warren Bennis conducted a study of 90 leaders and their subordinates and concluded that all the 90 leaders experienced the pursuing 4 attributes in typical:rn(a) Administration of awareness:The energy of leaders to catch the attention of the consideration of followers. rn(b) Management of which means:The energy to plainly converse a variety of ideas and thoughts with the followers. rn(c) Management of belief:The energy of leaders to acquire faith and have confidence in among the followers. The means to identify and do the job inside the boundaries of one’s strengths and weaknesses. Leaders are considered to be individuals who have very good actual physical overall look, are brighter than some others, extrovert and self-assured in mother nature. However, all men and women with this kind of unique attributes had been not discovered to be very good leaders.

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On the contrary, some individuals like Mahatma Gandhi, Napoleon and Lincoln had been wonderful leaders even though they did not have powerful physical features. The theory, therefore, suffers on the next grounds:i. The qualities and leadership qualities did not have good correlation amongst them. If it ended up so, it would just be a matter of choosing individuals who experienced these attributes to operate as leaders for the state, organization organisations, modern society or a group of individuals. No specific mix of features was identified to differentiate leaders from non-leaders. ii. No typical established of qualities can be determined to relate to a chief who can be successful in all situations.

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‘Thus, leaders are not able to be differentiated from non-leaders. Individuals who emerged as leaders could not be identified on the foundation of prevalent characteristics. In actuality, additional than leadership occurring as a outcome of attributes, traits are more the outcomes of leadership potential. “It is probable that persons turn out to be more assertive and self-confident once they occupy a management situation, and so even these qualities could be benefits, alternatively than triggers, of management potential. “2.

As regards next facet of identifying and evaluating the traits of effective leaders with all those of ineffective leaders, the studies have not been in a position to detect any set of traits which distinguish effective or productive leaders from ineffective or unsuccessful kinds. The “Terrific Man Theory” which asserts that leaders are born but not made has not proved to be accurate. Edwin Ghiselli conducted a examine and recognized the next six traits that determine productive leaders:Leaders have the ability to supervise, control and coordinate the functions of subordinates. rn(b) Occupational achievement:Leaders have the want to search for success in their work opportunities as leaders. Leaders must be capable to analyse the problem and make selections according to the predicament. In complex situations, leaders really should be equipped to make your mind up about the correct training course of action.

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